Ensure regulatory compliance, safe lifting operations and high asset performance

K2OS aims to be one of the major global players in the inspection and certification of lifting equipment such as cranes, lifting gear, elevators, and has extensive experience from both onshore and offshore industry. We are your partner in delivering lifting equipment inspection and ensuring regulatory standards and requirements are met – ultimately to reduce risk of accidents, unnecessary delays or downtime and to ensure safe lifting operation.

Testing services

Non-Destructive Testing Services

Non Destructive Testing | VT, ECI, UT, MPI, DPI, ACFM, PAUT | Material Hardness Testing | Material Chemical & Mechanical Testing Analysis | Drilling & Handling Tool Inspection BHA | Welding Inspection | Internal Video Inspection | Visual Inspection & Close-up Surveys | Marine Riser Inspection | Pressure Vessel Inspection | Flare Boom Inspection | Wind Turbine Inspection | Radio Tower Inspection.

Load testing services

Proof Load Testing | Water Weights | Fixed Weights | Load Cells | Pad Eye Testing | Crane & Life Boat Davit Testing | API Crane Inspection | Load Testing & Certification of Cargo Carrying Units, Containers, Baskets, Cradles | Pre & Post Load Testing NDT | Lifting & Hoisting Equipment Testing | Wire Rope Inspection | Bollard Testing.

Special Periodic Surveys

API category IV inspections including NDE & dimensional examinations

During inspections the complete units would be fully stripped down, dimensional checks would be completed, all components would be subject to shot blasting, NDE examinations, re paired, re shot blasted & painted to API painting specifications.

    • Hydratong / Iron roughneck
    • Top Drives
    • Drawworks
    • Mud Pumps
    • Crown Blocks
    • Travelling Blocks
    • Fast Line Sheave Assemblies
    • Dead Line Anchors